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Ten Junk Miles

Apr 12, 2024

Join Scotty and the Ultra-Incredibly-Interesting Bob Hearn to discuss his life in running, AI, transcendence, philosophy, music, and much much more.  There isn't much to say about Bob that hasn't already been said.  He's fascinating.  This conversation will definately help you get to know and understand him as a...

Apr 8, 2024

Meet Nation Member Eric Nelson!!  #RunTJM

This week's Strava Leaderboard:

Most Miles: Ed the Jester Ettinghausen - 243.7 Miles

Most Time Running: Ed the Jester Ettinghausen - 74:57:02

Most Vert: Kyle Stork - 21,821 feet

Congrats everyone!!  Join our Strava Group here:

Join our...

Apr 5, 2024

Join Scotty and Jason "Regain" Venkus for a gang show (kinda) with Read and Run Chicago (a cool organization we just learned about) Pat Dwyer from the West Town Brew Crew and Author Mike Magluilo for a discussion of his book "A Reason to Run."   We learn a lot about a few really cool groups and more about Mike after...

Mar 29, 2024

Join Scotty and Dave Protctor for a Long Run in which they discuss his life in running, and all the things that have happened since his last appearance on the show:

And his new book: "Untethered: The Comeback Story of One of the Longest...

Mar 26, 2024

Join Scotty and Olympian, Author and Podcaster Kara Goucher for a long run in which they discuss the paperback release of her book "The Longest Race: Inside the World of Abuse, Doping  and Deception on Nike's elite Running Team.  They also discuss her running life today, the state of the sport, doping, coaching,...