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Ten Junk Miles

Jul 31, 2023

Meet Nation Zach Heridia!!!  #RunTJM

Jul 26, 2023

The Band is back together!!  join Scotty, Mandi, Eddie, Kerri and Bucket Hat Bob for ten junk miles in which we discuss what's new, how we are all dealing with our tapering for the Badger 100, Bob's experiences at Western States and we call several runners to discuss their own taper madness.  And much much more!!


Jul 24, 2023

Meet Nation Member Verity Mathis!  #RunTJM

TJM Strava Leaderboard for the week


Longest distance: 186.6. miles

Total running time: Mandy Wallace 44:55:56

Tristan Lee: 39,560 feet

Great job everyone!!

Jul 21, 2023

Join Scotty, Eddie, Kerri Maess, Oscar Rene Delgado Amor in La Cochina, and special guest Jason Venkus of REGAIN Sports Drink, for ten junk miles in which they discuss: Jason's life in running, REGAIN, porn comments, Ke$ha, Oscar's Kettle 100 exprience, Badger 100 excitement, and much much more!

This episode brought to...

Jul 17, 2023

Meet Nation Member Clint Gyory #RunTJM