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Ten Junk Miles

Jul 31, 2020

Join Holly, Adam, Rachel, Scotty and special guest Stephanie Carver for Ten Junk Miles in which they discuss: Stephanie's life in running, bunions, the Garmin Pandemic, Sitcoms, Bug Bites, Portillos, Virtual Races, Mail, Bonk Calls, Vacations, and Much Much More!!!!

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Jul 27, 2020

Meet Nation Member Greg Bruno!


Jul 24, 2020

Join Scotty and Holly with Hawk 100 RD's Ami Hyten-Weidler and Sherrie Klover for a long run in which they discuss RD'ing during Corona, their lives in running, and all kinds of other topical issues.

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Jul 20, 2020

Meet Nation Member Ugo Drainville!!


Jul 17, 2020

Scotty and Mathew Bach of UCAN discuss his life in running and the road to Ironman.  They then discuss the ICAN organ story, as well as do a deep dive into their products, how to use them and how they help.  

Learn more about UCAN and buy their products here:

Special Note: the "bundles" we discussed are...