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Ten Junk Miles

Jan 24, 2016

Join the gang for a special episiode about all things Tuscobia. Scotty and Tony join guest hosts Amy Ehlers and Chalayne Palmgren to talk about the race generally, Scott and Mary's individual races and Chalayne's experiences volunteering. they then talk to Chris and Helen Scotch, the race directors and Grant Maughan (

Jan 21, 2016

 Run ten junk miles with the gang (bonus mile included) while they visit with Tim Kruse and Jeff Lenard, who recently completed the Gnarly Bandit Series (Kettle Moraine 100, Black Hills 100, Superior 100, Zumbro 100 and Wild Duluth 100k).  Special skype guests Jake Burkhart and Craig Lloyd join a...

Jan 14, 2016

Join Aaron, Scotty, Amy and Tony for ten junk miles with John D'Agostino.  John shed close to 100 pounds on his path to getting his life on a healthy path.  He discusses his recent performance at the Frozen Gnome 50K, his struggles to stay involved in running, and much much more.

Aaron takes a stab at curtailing his...