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Ten Junk Miles

Jul 26, 2015

After pranking Cory by not talking at all about his Colorado 200 experience, we chat for a couple miles about what it was like.

Jul 26, 2015

Matthew Mennacher joins the gang to talk about his attempt at the:

Original Six Hundo Challenge (f/k/a “The Last Great Race”).  

Matt has completed:

the Gnarly Bandit;

HURT 100;

the Midwest Grand Slam.  

Matt and Scott talk about their fear going into the Angeles Crest 100.


Jimmy Dean Fereeman joins the show to tell...

Jul 12, 2015

Tony Cesario.  The gang (well, most of the gang....Aaron German is training in Boulder so he participated half-assed participated via Skype) chats with Tony Cesario, a legend of midwest ultra running.  Tony has done everything, and has been doing it since the 80's.  Tony also recently completed the Kettle Morraine 100...