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Ten Junk Miles

Nov 30, 2020

Meet Nation Member Emily Lobacz!  #RunTJM

Nov 26, 2020

Join Scotty and Brad Williams from "Stuck in the 80's" Podcast, for ten junk miles while they discuss his life in running, podcasting, the 80's, frequent audio recording errors, and much much more!!

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This episode brought to you...

Nov 23, 2020

Meet Nation Member Missy Tirpak!!!  #RunTJM

Nov 20, 2020

Join Scotty and Holly for Ten Junk Miles with Eddie Pedroza.  We discuss his life in running, and, good racism, Indian food, Mishka's fight, why won't Camille respond, Prosecco Gummies from Angela, Aurdra Mae, Niceville hat Mindy Duncan, F Marry Kill Requests, a new podcast with Alyx Luck, and much much more.


Nov 16, 2020

Meet Nation Member Michael Finstad.  #RunTJM