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Ten Junk Miles

Mar 29, 2019

Scotty catches up with old friend Dan Owings (a/k/a/ Runnerman Dan) who is an old running friend that he has lost touch with.  Dan is incredibly interesting guy, train conductor and inventor of interesting challenges.  They discuss his life and running, the challenges he's faced, the destructive role of social media,...

Mar 29, 2019

Remember host Amy Briggs?  Well, she left us for Colorado and every once in a while new listeners wonder what happened and where she went.  Listen to Scotty and her catch up and learn about her new ultra-friendly work at Koa Fit in Boulder!  Also, listen for a special offer on an evaluation to help with any running...

Mar 21, 2019

Join Scotty, Holly, Adam and Rachel along with special guests Chris Davis and Emily Suemitsu who work for Arcteryx and the Chicago Arcteryx store for ten junk miles in which we discuss: Chris and Emily's stories, the exciting event at Arcteryx Chicago on April 11, 2019, (1630 N. Damen, 6:00 run and talk to follow) multi...

Mar 15, 2019

Join Scotty and Shalini Kovach one more time for a discussion of all things running including: forming a running group, putting on races, personal philosophy towards running and much much more.  We dig deep into Shalini's life and running!



Mar 7, 2019

Join Scotty, Holly, Adam and guest host Amanda Smith with special guest Shalini Kovach, runner, RD and overall super cool person who traveled up from the St. Louis area to have a few drinks with the gang and talk about: her founding of the Terrain Trail Runners and all of the races it puts on (