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Ten Junk Miles

Oct 30, 2020

Take a long run with Scotty and ultra runner, winter ultra runner, Hrimthur, ITI 350 finisher and Dr. Faye Norby.  They discuss her life in running, her love of winter sports, her education and research and the impact of the Coronavirus on the medical world.

A few of Faye's go-to sources (beyond the CDC) for the...

Oct 26, 2020

Meet Nation Member Greg Frey!!  #RunTJM

Oct 23, 2020

Join Scotty, Adam, Holly, Mandi and Angela Freedman for a zoom (we know, we hate it too) show in which they run ten junk miles and discuss Angela's life in running, her exploration of winter races, Last Dot Standing, Decorative Pillows, What's new in racing and running, Race Reports/Haiku's from fans, To Catch A...

Oct 19, 2020

Meet Nation Member Alex Prigge!!  #RunTJM

Oct 16, 2020

Join Scotty and Mark Scotch for ten junk miles in which they discuss his life in endurance biking and cross country skiing, his path to participating in Arrowhead 135 and Tuscobia 160, and his decision to donate a kidney to a complete stranger.  Mark is also planning a bike event from Madison to Lousianna to...