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Ten Junk Miles

May 27, 2021

Join Scotty and Vincent Antunez - a/k/a Mr. Trail Toes for ten junk miles in which they discuss his life in running, his service to the military and medical profession, the creation of Trail Toes, and much, much more!!

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This episode brought to...

May 24, 2021

Meet Nation Member Jake Turner

May 21, 2021

Join Scotty, Holly, Kerri and special guest Denise Sauriol for Ten Junk Miles in which they discuss: Kerri's new baby Ivy! Fan Mail, the Sugar Badger, PT, Coaching, Cancel Culture, the Virtual Boston, What Denise has been up to, TV Crushes, and much, much, more!!

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May 17, 2021

Meet Nation Member Jim Demeritt!!!  #RunTJM


May 14, 2021

Meet the Listeners who for whatever reason listen to this podcast. We apologize in advance.  Also, listen to us leave prank messages to people who asked to be called and fell asleep.  And much much more.

This episode brought to you by Tanri: Buy some stuff with the code TJM for a discount. (Code TJM)...