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Ten Junk Miles

Dec 30, 2022

Join Scotty and Dr. John Onate for a long run in which they discuss his life in running, his studies and jobs, how mental and physical health impacts runners, and much much more!!


Information on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
DBT Recommended Book
Feeling Great-David Burns M.D.
National Alliance On Mental...

Dec 29, 2022

Meet Nation Member Jason Lewis!!  #RunTJM

Dec 22, 2022

Join Scotty and a very special gang - the Cultra CREW.  Art, Jimmy, Becky and Fred spend a few hours with Scotty talking about all things running, their year, changes to the sport, and much much more!




Dec 22, 2022

Meet Nation Member Stephen Reitz!!



Dec 19, 2022

Meet Nation Member Kevin Terry!!

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