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Ten Junk Miles

Sep 28, 2020

Meet the newest host, Mandi Florip!! #RunTJM

Sep 25, 2020

New gang, same mediocre show.  Join Scotty, Adam, Holly (who the hell is?) Mandi and the Marathon Whisperer Denise Sauriol for Ten Junk Miles in which we discuss what's new with Denise, racing in the time of Coronavirus, Chicago Athlete Magazine, new shades from Goodr, we run a 5K, new gel by UCAN, Holly's DNF...

Sep 21, 2020

Meet Nation Member Tim Engler!  #RunTJM

Sep 18, 2020

Join Scotty and Author, Coach and Ultrarunner Sarah Lavender Smith for a discussion of her life in running, her move to Colorado, her family's experiences with the Coronavirus, coaching, writing a book, and much much more!

Get Sarah's Book here:

Sep 14, 2020

Help soften the blow to Rachel's departure.  And #RunTJM