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Ten Junk Miles

Oct 30, 2023

Meet Nation Member David Shannon!  #RunTJM

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Congratulations to Strava Group Winners for the Week!!

Most Miles: 191.5 RAFA

Total Running Time:  38:34:19  Allahverdi Veliyev

Most Vert: 14,213 Michael Whiteside

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Oct 27, 2023

Join Scotty, Kerri, Eddie and super-guest Oscar Delgado for Ten Junk Miles in which they discuss: Eddie's real name, Coach Nora Bird, the World's Longest Turkey Trot, Bonk calls, Eddie's drunk mom friend at Dot's, concerts, Last Dot Standing, ALS, Patreon, Jason Venkus, The Martens, and much much more!!!

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Oct 23, 2023

Meet Nation Member Kevin Brightbill!!

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Strava Weekly Leaderboard:

Most MIles: shan Riggs - 273.9 miles

Most Climbing: Marc Hawbaker - 16.165 feet!

Most Time Running: Shan Riggs - 58:08:48


Oct 20, 2023

Join Scotty and ultra runner and coach Aaron Saft for a long run in which they talk about his life in running, his recent completion of the Grand Slam of ultrarunning, coaching philosophy, mistakes runners make, owning a brick and mortar store, race directing, music, and much much more!!!

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Oct 16, 2023

Meet Nation Member Steven Washko!!

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Strava Weekly Winners:

Most Miles: Shan Riggs - 250.6

Most Time Running: Shan Riggs - 54:22:01

Most Vert: Jamie Allen - 20,285 feet

Great job everyone!!