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Ten Junk Miles

Mar 31, 2023

Join Scotty and Glen Zdon and Sean Johnson for Ten Junk MIles in which they discuss their lives in running, their podcasts, the issues with keeping up their running and balance in their lives, and much much more.  Kind of a cool different type of show this week.  Enjoy!

Check out the Negative Splits Podcast here:

Mar 31, 2023

This is an unedited archival recording of a swapcast between TJM, Man Bun Run and the Nagative Splits Podcast, as referred to in the 2023 gang show.  

I wonder what we talked about 5 years ago????


Mar 27, 2023

Meet Nation Member Justin Andreas!!  #RunTJM

Check out his podcast Golden Hour Adventures here:

Mar 24, 2023

Join Scotty and Sabrina Little, who is a kick ass ultrarunner, mom, writer and philosophy professor all at the same time!  They talk about her life in running, philosophy, ethical issues, religion, her acedemic and running careers, and much much more!

Read Sabrina's articles on irunfar here:

Mar 20, 2023

Meet Nation Member Kellen Caldwell!!