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Ten Junk Miles

Nov 30, 2016

Join Scotty and Sam for a long run with Stormy Kies and his story of love and the loss of his daughter Faith, as well as his 200 mile journey at the recent Hennepin 100 mile run.  Stormy ran it out and back for...

Nov 11, 2016

Join Scotty, Sam and Aaron with special guest Kyle Gilman who lost over 200 pounds and credits it in part to the new running friends he discovered at Ten Junk Miles.  He is truly a miracle....and there wasn't a dry eye in the room...

Nov 7, 2016

This needs no explanation, it's just an interview of Scott for long time listeners who want to know his story.

Special thanks to Racine (Episode 1) for helping out.

Nov 4, 2016

Ultra runner and attorney Alison Chavez is one of the most inspirational people in ultrarunning.  She battled back from a horrifying course of treatment for cancer while continuously inspiring those around her.  Afterwards, she ran two tough mountain 100's....