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Ten Junk Miles

Feb 28, 2016

 Join Scotty, Amy, Tony and Midwest ultra legend Juli Aistars for 11 relatively curse-free junk miles while they discuss:

  • The Last Vol State Race;
  • Ryan Sandes New Book "Trail Blazer" (available in our store);
  • Taking time off from running;
  • 2Toms blister shield;
  • Western States and their new PED Policy; and
  • Descrimination...

Feb 19, 2016

Join Scotty, Amy, Aaron and Tony for a Ten Mile run with special guest, guitar legend, trail yoda and Tshirt ninja Jake Burkhart!

The gang also check in via skype with:

Best Selling author Miska Shubaly (and brand new US citizen) about his soon to be released novel "I swear I'll Make It Up To you."   Mishka wrote the...

Feb 5, 2016


Join Scotty, Amy, Aaron, Tony and special guest Matt Mennacher for a ten mile run.   

They talk to Jared Hazen about the sale of his Western States buckle and ask if he has anything else for sale in his closet.

7 Time Badwater finisher Tony Portera checks in before the Jackpot 100 and his plan to listen to Ten Junk...