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Ten Junk Miles

Jul 26, 2018

Join Scotty and Gina Lucrezi, ultra-runner and founder of Trail Sisters to discuss her life and running, the founding and operation of Trail Sisters, finding inspiration and inspiring others, and much much more.  A really nice discussion of two people with missions and how they view and enact them.


Jul 20, 2018

Join Scotty, Holly, Siva, Rachel and special guest Stephen Wrought for ten junk miles (and a couple bonuses) where we discuss: his life in running, the new St. Croix 40 Winter Ultra, Trail Toes, Deadpool check in, nose hairs, and much much more.  Definitely a lack of running content and way to many bonus segments, but...

Jul 13, 2018

Join Scotty and ultra-adventurer Ricky Haro for a really interesting conversation with an ex-military adventure athlete, mountaineer, Marathon Des Sables finisher and mountaineer about his life and running, the importance of community to veterans, the Band of Runners Organization and Trail Camp, and much more...

Jul 2, 2018

Join Scotty, Siva, Holly, Adam, Rachel and special guest Amanda Richey Ryan.  We learn about Amanda's life and running, take a quiz on history, predict Western States winners and much much more.


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