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Ten Junk Miles

Mar 31, 2017

Join Scotty, Kyle, Sam and TWO great special guests, Ann Scholl and Thao Hoang for a group chat after they completed the Paleozoic 50K race in Palos Park, IL.  They discuss northern Wisconsin running, plans and bucket lists, TJMStravaShoutouts, HealthIQ Life Insurance, 3 people you'd rather not have pace you, running...

Mar 25, 2017

Join Scotty, Tony, Kyle, Rachel and special guest SAM!! We discuss Land Between the Lakes 50, 3 Days of Syllamo, Sam's adventures in Boulder, TJMStravaShoutouts, Tony's Tings, and much much more

Mar 9, 2017



Join Scotty, Vince Roberts and his running friends Racine, Kyle and Rachel, all previous guests on the show.  This is what happens when Aaron and Sam leave and Scotty has to fend for himself.  Vince and his friends went for a long run prior to recording and one or two beers and a little Jack Daniels may have been...