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Ten Junk Miles

Jul 27, 2022

Join Scotty, Linda Dieckoff, Megan Landstine and Holly McIntyre for a long run in which they discuss Linda's Unreasonable ride down Route 66 to raise money for Team in Training's fight against cancer.  Hear the inspiration, the story of the ride, and much much more!!

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Jul 27, 2022

Join Scotty and one of the most fascinating explorers of our time, Colin O'Brady for a long run in which we discuss his story and his new book the 12 Hour Walk.  

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Jul 25, 2022

Meet Blaine Kristo #RunTJM

PS: The B52's video I'm referencing is here.

Key scene at 50 seconds in.  Yes, I know I got the song wrong.

Jul 22, 2022

Join Scotty, Holly, Kat and special guest Azam Poulatov for Ten Junk Miles in which we discuss: What Azam has been up to, Kat and Azam at Bighorn, Western States and its coverage, Blindness, Elictric Scooters, Some Oak-A-Palooza fallout, Abortion, Guns, Soda Flavors, and much much more!!!

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Jul 18, 2022

Meet Nation Member Todd Good!!

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