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Ten Junk Miles

Jun 27, 2022

Meet Nation Member Andrew Reinwand!!

More details on the NobelTech 5k in Downers Grove!!


Jun 24, 2022

Join Scotty, Eddie, Mandi and returning guest Edna Jackeline Vasquez Nunez for ten junk miles in which they discuss: what's new with Edna, her fitness center, her book "The Races of My life," having an impact on the community, Running the 4Deserts, status update on the Badger Trail Races, Western States 100, Mail,...

Jun 20, 2022

Meet Nation Member Elissa Nyer! #RunTJM

This episode brought to you by the Portland Marathon!!  use the code TENJUNKMILES for 10% off your entry to this beauty of a race!!

Jun 17, 2022

Take a long run with Henry Ward fresh off his completion of the Cocadona 250, he and Scotty discuss his race, his struggles with alcohol, his transformation into an ultra runner and his new book "Running Without the Devil" (Link below).

Want to hear more of Henry's story?  Here's his book:

Jun 13, 2022

join Scotty, Holly, Robyn Poops Magoots Grapa, Robin Samplainer and Tiffany Turtle Anderson for Ten Junk Miles live from their Kettle Moraine 100 Aid Station where they discuss: Scotty's vacation, the Sugar Badger, who they would like to be sponsored by, and much, much more.

This episode brought to you by Correcttoes!