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Ten Junk Miles

Feb 25, 2017



Join Scotty and Paul Stofko on a one on one interview about his life and running, his Potawatomi/McNaughton 200 victory, the Crazy Legs Race Series he directs, the fact that he's never DNF'ed a race, and so much more.  An interesting discussion with a iconic midwest...

Feb 16, 2017

Join Scotty and Eric Skocaj for a long in depth conversation about his completion of the Infinitus 888K, his life of racing and race directing and much much more.

Feb 10, 2017

Oh boy.  Mark your calendars.  Aaron and Sam are taking over the People's Republic of Boulder.  (but will continue to do shows - don't worry).  Join Scotty, Aaron, Sam and SPECIAL GUEST HOST Tony Silvestri for this fun filled, offensive and rather scattered discussion of, Sean O'Brien 100K, Arrowhead 135, travel tips...