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Ten Junk Miles

Jan 26, 2020

Join Scotty and Erin Montgomery for A long run in which they discuss: her life in running,  learning a out the Iditarod dog sled race, being the honorary “Teacher on the trail,” teaching the Iditarod in her class and starting a podcast led by her students.




Jan 24, 2020

We (Scotty, Holly, Adam and Steve Tursi) planned to do the St. Croix 40, but bad weather prevented us from making our journey. So we made up our own adventure, ate a lot of food and decided to do a random podcast for you guys.  We suffer a power outage, discuss movies Holly hasn't seen, Steve drinks the last Clamato,...

Jan 17, 2020

Join Scotty, Brian Frain and Annie Weiss for a special long run where they discuss Annie’s life in running and path to ultra, nutrition and diets, FKT’s, Brian’s book, life, Milwaukee and much much more!

Learn about Bigger Than The Trail:

Brian Frain's...

Jan 10, 2020

The Gang is back!!!! Join Scotty, Holly, Adam and, yes, Rachel for ten junk miles with Badger 50K finisher Kerri Maess!  We discuss her life in running and coyotes, dude showers, jeopardy, swatch watches, UROTY, check coops, Tuscobia, Strava Shoutouts, Adam's 5K, and Pam Smith's Turtle Path podcast on running on...

Jan 3, 2020


You might remember Sam Turco from the early years.  Before she left us for Boulder and Aaron and Mountains and dogs.  Well, this is Scotty and Sam, just talking. About life, politics, family, friendships, literature, music, etc.  You may not be interested if you didn't listen back then.  There isn't much about actual...