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Ten Junk Miles

Oct 29, 2021

Join Scotty, Holly, Kat, Shae Duff and Mike Siltman for Ten Junk Miles live at the Hennepin 100 in which we discuss: she's life in running, aid station life, Wasatch 100 pacing, Mike Siltman's sorted running career, roasting pigs, and much much more.

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Oct 25, 2021

Meet Melissa "Kinda a Big Deal" Kaiser

Oct 22, 2021

join Scotty, Holly, Eddie Pedroza and Rachel Barnsess for Ten Junk Miles in which they discuss the Chicago Marathon (and everyone's virtual marathons)The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, DNS'ing and singing up for races during other races, Bonk Calls, Goodfellas, New UCANN Flavor, Hennepin, and much much more!!!


Oct 14, 2021

Join Scotty and professional ultra runner, podcaster, media mogul and Western States board member Dylan Bowman for a long run in which they discuss his life in running, being a pro athlete, his podcast and training app Pyllars, MUT coverage, the future, athlete issues, and much much more!

Check out Pyllars here: