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Ten Junk Miles

Nov 28, 2022

Meet Nation Member Breanna Cornell!!!  #RunTJM

Nov 25, 2022

Join Scotty, Kat, Holly, Mandi and Eddie for Ten Junk Miles in which they discuss: Chicken sex, the Slack challenge, Boston, Life of Pi, Running in cemetaries, Cher and much much more!!

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Nov 21, 2022

Meet Nation Member cheryl Goodwin!  #RunTJM


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Nov 18, 2022

Join Scotty and Ian Maddieson, who has been running ultras since the 80's and has ten sub-24 hour Western States 100 finishes.  Ian was the final finisher of the 2021 Badger 100, and the story of his life in running is fascinating.  It's like a history lesson in the sport and a memoir al wrapped up in one!!


Nov 14, 2022

Meet nation member Sue Dils!

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