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Ten Junk Miles

Jun 29, 2020

Meet Nation Member Stephanie Carver!!  #RunTJM

Jun 26, 2020

Join Scotty, Holly, Adam, Rachel and special repeat guest Kyle "The Champ" Nordquist for ten junk miles in which they discuss: Post - Corona Life; the Dusty show; Sex Ed class; Slack, Nobel prizes, the Oxford comma, knots, Old books, video games, Wierd Al, and much much more.

This episode brought to you by Fried Pies and...

Jun 22, 2020

Meet Nation Member Jesse Canfield!  #RunTJM

Jun 19, 2020

Join Scotty, Billy Barnett and Alyx Luck for a long run where they talk about: their lives in running, life in Hawaii, sexual harassment and assault and anything else that comes up.  Note: this was recorded in Quarantine right after the release of the Run Bum article on marathon investigation.

this episode brought to...

Jun 15, 2020

Meet Nation Member Jennifer Robbins!!  #RunTJM