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Ten Junk Miles

Aug 28, 2023

Meet Nation Member Susan Aplodder!!

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This week's TJM Strava Champs:

Most Miles: RAFA 202.1

Most Time Running: Steven Kuntz 34:55:42

Most Vert: Ben Harner 28,182

Grreat job...

Aug 25, 2023

Join Scotty and 2013 UROTY Michele Yates to talk about her life in running, her college competitions, marathoning, injuries, struggles, coaching, camps and much much more.  Michele is a ultra runner, cyclist, mother and coach with a degree in Kinesiological Sciences with a concentration in fitness management.  She's won...

Aug 17, 2023

Join Scotty, Mandi, Kerri, Holly and Eddie for ten junk miles in which they discuss everyone's finishes at Badger 100, the  race from everyone's perspective, what's next for everyone.  We also open drop bags, mail and much much more!!

This episode brought to you by Dri-Seats.  Use the code TJM20 and get 20% off now....

Aug 14, 2023

Meet Nation Member Suzy Huizinga!!

This week's Strava Leaders:

Most Miles: 194.1 RAFA

Most Time: 33:42:45 Jon Willman

Most Vert: 21,788 jon Willman

Great job everyone!!

Sidenote: the shopping banner is no more. So instead, there is a page of recommendations of things we like.  Shop there or from there!  

Aug 11, 2023

Join Scotty and the RD of the mother of all races - the Boston Marathon!!  We discuss his life in running, becoming the RD, a small portion of the amazing runs he's done, fundraising, impact, and much more!!

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