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Ten Junk Miles

Oct 28, 2022

Join Scotty, Eddie, guest hosts Kurt Ohlinger and Brian Kutz and special guest Jamie Bluemtritt for Ten Junk Miles in which they discuss Jamie's life in running, background on Kurt and Brian, Minnesota, winter races, john Waite, and much much more!

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Oct 24, 2022

Meet Nation member and 100 mile finisher Ursala Hall!!!


Oct 19, 2022

Join Scotty and podcaster, runner and fan of the sport Eric Schranz for Ten Junk Miles in which they discuss what he's been up to, the state of the sport, podcasting, Covid, changes to the sport, social media and Scoty tells Eric a really long story about meeting Bob Dylan.

Listen to the 2016 interview here:

Oct 17, 2022

Meet Nation Member Dave Harlow!


Oct 14, 2022

Join Scotty, Rachel Ingle, Oak Miller, Steven Tursi and Shae Duff for Ten Junk Miles in which they discuss everything new and interesting in the running world - remotely (via Zoom).  Also, some miscelaneous non-running talk.  

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