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Dec 13, 2015

Join Aaron, Amy, Tony and Scott with special guest Dusty Olson, perhaps one of the greatest pacers in running.  


We we discuss Dusty's background, his rise to fame as the notorious Dustball, his relationships with Scott Jurek and the ultrarunning community as a whole, and his separation from it when he contracted Lyme disease.


They read a random race report from the 2002 Edmund Fitzgerald 100k


The discuss sections of the book "Eat and Run"


A drinking game evolves where a shot is drank every time someone says "Scott"


Jenn Shelton broke Dusty's heart   


CUI's, Kryptonite, The Price Is Right, Lance Armstrong and Ultranning, Gordy being dropped from Western States, and much much more  


(At sone point we got completely hammered and for that we apologize)






Dec 5, 2015
Join us for Episode 17 with Scott Kummer, Amy Briggs, Tony Silvestri and Aaron German
Special guest Liz Braun talks about her career in broadcasting, her first 100 mile race and being a Ghostbuster.
Skype guest Julio Salazar talks about the Break the Stigma Project, the Break the Stigma Podcast, his run across Minnesota and run across America.
The gang talk about Jesse Itzler’s book “Living with a SEAL: 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet” which will be read and reviewed in a future show.
Scotty Kummer ran the World’s Longest Turkey Trot from Chicago to Milwaukee (95ish miles).
2Toms Blister Shield review.
Kat’s Kudos, Show Reviews, Story’s from the Fleet Feet Chicago days, and much much more.
Nov 16, 2015

The gang does something different on this show and take calls with listeners who have questions, stories, or just want to get to know us better.

Callers include Scott Laudick, Amanda Tichacek, Eric Ekocaj, Jenn Coker, Thomas Brock, Ameelia Ghareeb and Jennifer Latham.

They also discuss:

  • Potawatomi Trail 100;
  • 2Toms
  • Keira Henninger and her races Griffith Park Trail Marathon, Parmount Ranch Races and Sean O’Brien;
  • Fixing Your Feet by John Vonhof;
  • Silverheels 100 and Sherpa John LaCroix;
  • Pinhoti 100 and the Georgia Jewel 100;
  • The South Tour Ultra 50K;
  • Chicken Sriracha Epic Bars; and
  • Our new Amazon page, T-shirts and Website. And of course reviews, Kat’s Kudos and much much more





Oct 31, 2015

Join the gang as they spend some time with Todd Brown who recently completed the Gnarly Bandit Series and a Skype interview with Sherpa John Lacroix, the race director of the Human Potential Race Series.


They also discuss:


  • Todd Brown;
  • Sherpa John Lacroix;
  • St. Pat's 24 Hour Race;
  • Pumpkin Spice;
  • Pooping;
  • Kilometers;
  • Kat's Kudo's;
  • Show Reviews;

And much much more

Todd Brown


Oct 14, 2015

The gang are finally back after a long absence (sorry).


We talk to Bear 100 finisher, Flatlander and Volunteer of the Month amanda Tichacek about finding love on the Runner's World message boards, crushing the Bear and hopes and dreams in the ultra racing world.

Amanda Tichacek


We check in with Matt Menacher about the Original Six Hundo Challenge, Grand Slam of Ultra Running, his Bear 100 victory lap and what's next for him.

Aaron talks about a disappointing Chicago Marathon.  Scotty talks about a strange Chicago marathon he ran with Patrick Sweeney and Barefoot Alex Ramsey.

We play a guess the bird song game.  We try out some new equipment and a new sound guy.  

Scotty reviews the Roo Sport Fitness Pouch, Kat's Kudos, Kummer Korner and much much more


Sep 15, 2015

Alec bath stops by to chat with the gang about his experiences at the Leadville Trail 100, Potawatomi Trail 100 and a year of racing tough 100's.


The gang check in with Aaron German via Skype who is training for the Chicago Marathon in Boudler CO.


They discuss different approaches to training, speedwork, hill work, and of course, junk miles.  Whether people should over-reach for races that might be beyond their abilities, how to tackle mountain races and races at altitude.


They taste test potato chips with wierd flavors for Kat's upcoming attempt at the Superior Trail 100.


Plus, Kat's Kudos, Kummer's corner, and more.


Sep 12, 2015

The gang get together with their old friend Melissa Pizarro to discuss what she's been up to - having a baby!  They discuss what it's like to come back after a pregnancy/birth, the struggles with training and injury, and Melissa's plan to run the Potawatomi 200 Mile race in april.

they also check in with speedster Whitney Richtman who had a baby last year. Whitney has finished the Boston Marathon several times and has one of the faster recorded 100 mile finishes by a woman at the Long Haul 100 in 2014.  


Plus Kat's Kudos, Kummer's Corner, and much much more.

Aug 6, 2015

Join the gang for a discussion with Coach Meghan Kennihan.  We discuss her history, racing, winning and coaching.  She even gives tips to the gang!  check out her website at:


We also discuss:


  • Angeles Crest 100
  • Re-Taste of Chicago:
  • Cory's move to Boulder
  • Kat's Kudos
  • Sherpa John
  • Bryon Powell and
  • Aaron's mom Chris German on the PCT
  • 2Toms
  • Victory Sportbags


Jul 26, 2015

After pranking Cory by not talking at all about his Colorado 200 experience, we chat for a couple miles about what it was like.

Jul 26, 2015

Matthew Mennacher joins the gang to talk about his attempt at the:

Original Six Hundo Challenge (f/k/a “The Last Great Race”).  

Matt has completed:

the Gnarly Bandit;

HURT 100;

the Midwest Grand Slam.  

Matt and Scott talk about their fear going into the Angeles Crest 100.


Jimmy Dean Fereeman joins the show to tell Matt and Scotty what they need to know about Angeles Crest.


We also talk about Treadmills, the Chicago Lakefront Path, Kilometers and play a joke on one of us (Cory).

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