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Ten Junk Miles

Jun 10, 2015

Susan Smock is a badass homeschooling stay at home ultra-mom who is trying to recover from an ultra-running-related concussion.  Once left for dead on the trail by her  loving husband Brian (who has gone from 5K to 100k in a year).  Susan loves trails and stairs.  She hates people that under-dress at water parks.  This year she ran her first 100 mile race.


Joining us from the field is the high priestess of 200 milers, Candice Burt.  We talk about race directing, twitter wars, how to train for 200 milers, and what do when people tell you you can't do something.  Check out her blog Wild Defined for some frequenct and inspring adventure stories.  Candice is on Altra's Elite team, and is an Ultimate Direction ambassador.  Race info at: Destination Trail and Bellingham Trail Running Series.  (Rumor has it the TJM crew are eyeing the Bigfoot 120)


Ten Junk Miles Book Club

On the next episode, we'll compare notes about Run Gently Out There by John Morelock.  Read along with us!  You can also check out his blog at