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Ten Junk Miles

May 25, 2015

Over the last couple weeks, Scott ran the Ice Age Trail 50-miler, Kat swept the course, Cory crewed and cheered, while Aaron ran around the city with no shirt on.

Amanda Runnion joined us in studio to talk about her running and cross training (pole dancing (for fitness)), and she shares helpful nutrition tips like how make the perfect salad (hint: less veggies, more gatorade), and what the right chicken to cheese ratio is for a chicken sandwich.  Here she is at mile 85 of the Potawatomi 100: 

Amanda at mile 85

Shawn Brandon and Jenna Bahaj also joined us on the phone to talk about their new race, the Cry Me a River! 50-miler (plus half marathon and 5-miler) in central Illinois on Saturday, July 11 (registration and fb links).  Consider running it!  They also share some stories about their recent 53R trip to the Grand Canyon.

ps-some of these miles are uphill miles

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