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Ten Junk Miles

Nov 17, 2023

Join Scotty and Ultra Athlete, Race Director and do-gooder Edie Couvillon Aymound!!!  Edie finished the Badger 100 in 2021 and has been around the ultra scene for over a decade.  She's directed Loup Garou and Red Dirt ultras for several years.  She is also heads up Maddie's Footprints, a non-profit that supports families going through miscarriage, still birth or the loss of a child.  She's a really interesting person who sets a good example for our sport.

Learn about Maddie's Footprints (and maybe sent them a little $ if you can) here:

Sign up for Edie's race, Loup Garou, here:

This episode brough to you by Path Projects.  Get ready for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal discussed here: