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Ten Junk Miles

Dec 13, 2015

Join Aaron, Amy, Tony and Scott with special guest Dusty Olson, perhaps one of the greatest pacers in running.  


We we discuss Dusty's background, his rise to fame as the notorious Dustball, his relationships with Scott Jurek and the ultrarunning community as a whole, and his separation from it when he contracted Lyme disease.


They read a random race report from the 2002 Edmund Fitzgerald 100k


The discuss sections of the book "Eat and Run"


A drinking game evolves where a shot is drank every time someone says "Scott"


Jenn Shelton broke Dusty's heart   


CUI's, Kryptonite, The Price Is Right, Lance Armstrong and Ultranning, Gordy being dropped from Western States, and much much more  


(At sone point we got completely hammered and for that we apologize)